Dream Reader: Pirate, Detective, Spy, Soldier, Immortal, and My Audience.

This really is Mission Impossible to ask about ‘Dream Reader.’

Dream reader? I don’t know actually. May be I need a pirate who comments me ‘Aye,’ but do not bother what ever is written in the post. I want a detective who just spectated my post to draw conclusions about my mind, but not to grasp the feel I’ve compacted in the post. I need a spy who spies my work, but remains silent just with a ‘Like.’ I need a soldier who can really feel my inner heart though I laugh outside. And I may also need an Immortal, who goes on reading my stories right after my death to keep them alive forever.

No! I don’t want any of them.

When I stand on the polished wooden stage, the shining steel mike right in front of my lips, ready to take in the voice which I leave out. I want to see the drunken audience who waves their body with respect to the rhythm I play. I want to see them forgetting their pain, and I love to contribute my voice helping them.

In the same way, I want my reader just to smile a bit when he completes reading my post!

Mission Accomplished!!


My name is something which you can never make out of a Search Engine!

My name! I won’t say it is getting difficult, but it really is getting complicated.

Just as I said in my ‘Hello Ladies & Gentlemen’ post, my common name is Vicky. My parents call me Nani, my cricket friends calls me Wicky: A Wicket Keeper (from where my Vicky originated). My stage name is Ray, named by a girl who is beyond just-a-friend. I’m using it everywhere, when I play Guitar. Finally, my original name is Sharma. (Named by parents, named after a grand pa.)

And me, me friends, I love to be called as Janus; the Roman God of two heads, and the God of beginnings and transitions.


And I’m here because, ‘can you please check out my Assignment 1?’ I not any kind of lazy, but, you know, it happens.

Mission Accomplished.

Hello Ladies & Gentlemen, here I’m introducing. . . ‘Me’

Actually, I’ve never tried of introducing myself anywhere, and I try to avoid my introduction quickly as possible when it came to the need. I always make it simple; maybe I don’t know how to introduce myself.

But it a compulsion now! I don’t want to fail in my first assignment itself. Go on boy; let’s do the adventure, my heart said. So, here it is.

I’m Vicky, an ordinary 19 years old Indian, whom you can always find on streets playing guitar and singing out loud. At nights, I write a lot. I write everything which is running in my mind, and sometimes I end up with overly scribbled papers. I don’t know why, I quit my studies; (I didn’t find that ‘fire’ in it!) and I’m not so sure if I would start up again or not. I love strangers, they have lots of unknowing things, and I love knowing them.

I love opening the door which is present between the known and the unknown.

Actually, we friends are thinking to start a local Magazine with the name ‘Don’t Get wasted’ that is why we started this blog, and the other idiots threw this to me. So, I’m (Vicky) the one who is trying to manage this. (Taking on a mad horse is much easier than managing these internet-things which we don’t know.)

My blog not any kind of single themed; it flows on with my mind’s deepest feelings.

Be free, comment anything you want to say, I’m open to advice too. . .

I don’t think there is any kind of ‘more’ to say about me. Thank ya!!!!!

1st assignment competed.

Mission Accomplished.