“Write something about HUMANITY in your Free-Style” she said.


Humanity Lives.

Does it??

Just as Sir James Jean said in his ‘The Dying Sun’, “Life does not seem to have any part in the plan of the Universe.”

He says that, we are all the creation of a mere accident occurred in the universe expansion. Then, what are we? Are we not the part of this vast universe? Are we strangers in our own home? Doesn’t our own family care about us?

No, no young lad, nobody cares you in this universe, except another earthly human!

Humanity Lives, I wrote on a piece of paper, and started thinking in air, what to write next. I really don’t know what it does. Sustenance of humanity is as evident as its Death!

Before I started writing, I myself am not certain on which path I was standing on.

“What must I argue about? Must I say that humanity lives or it is dead already?” I asked my little sister who was sitting before me chatting with her FB friends.

“Hmm,” she thought for a while. Looking at me, “Lives may be.” She said.

“Why must I not say that it is dead?” I frowned. “It is as apparent as ‘Lives’ is!”

“How are you going to keep that irony on a paper?”

Shrugging, “Of course, I can.” I said. Not so confident, but yes, I can. I can talk the ‘dead way’ better than saying it is alive.

“But that won’t be true.” She said, leaving on some purpose. “Humanity always lives, doesn’t it?”

“I don’t know.” I wanted to say, but before that, I got her leaving.

I couldn’t answer her properly, what can I answer her? I can’t, but I thought it would be a very good begging for something which I’m going to write now.

We are alone in this vast universe, lost and not able to find out whom we really are. We are the ‘uninvited guests’ here. But one thing we managed was, to conquer the planet which gave birth to us and destroying the land, water and air on which we are living, drinking and breathing.

Living in darkness, filling our hearts with the same, we grope for power, we grope for superiority, and we grope for sex. Finally, we strive to scream, “We are the superior ones in this whole universe.”


We hold placards high in sky, protesting to save the water and food. We walk miles and miles revolting against ‘hopeless government’ whenever a panic attack or unfavourable thing happens. We light candles and stand all the night in silence, snow and cold praying for the soul of the girl who is raped and dead! We keep on talking about the historical persons who taught us about humanity. We listen and move our head in rhythm to the songs which encourage us to look deep into our soul. We keep on thinking about philosophies of our own about human enlighten! And finally, we honour movies and men with different kinds of awards which/who tried reflecting the lives of suffering people, and asking us to help in their enhancement.

What do we do after that?

Carefully, we fold the placard and place it in the dustbin!

We go home, and take rest for the walk and slowly the fire comes down!

Wax melts, resembling our pain for the dead girl, and we all assemble after the next gang rape!

We slowly drift the topic from the historical person towards the new-released movie!

After the completion of the song, we go to the next one, and again shake our head for the mass-beat!

We think so much, and finally, standing our collar up, we ourselves won’t follow our human-philosophies, but we probe others to do so!

We cry at the movie climax, we say that we had learnt so much from that film, and slowly our mind gets drifted and then we switch to a porn site, continuing or human-pleasure!

We clap for the person, honour him with the award, we talk great about him, we make speeches, just speeches, but we never look into his soul. Though we do, we don’t bother!

Pity on you human!


There is a person called Scott Harrison, who is once king in his own life. He used to live selfishly and arrogantly in his own way. Living in a huge room, spending his night’s promoting night clubs; he drank vodka of $365 every night.

Accidentally, by the fate’s wish, he sailed to Africa, as a photojournalist for some charitable medical camp. Then is when, he saw the diseased, crippled and deformed humans who could never being earning a total of $365 in a whole year.

“Enormous, suffocating tumours – cleft lips, faces eaten by bacteria from water-borne diseases.” He says remembering their suffering.

He thought about them, he kept on thinking about them all the day and all the night. Their shadows never went away from him. Their courage inspired him. He learned life from them and then, he decided to do something for the people who taught life to him.

Charity: Water is one of the most successful water crisis organisations in the world. Now they’ve funded 13,644 water projects in 22 nations!

This is what the power of true humanity is!

We are superior to the God! Commit to a pure destiny deep inside your soul, the whole universe becomes the path paving towards your Goal!

Do you talk about the cuffs binding your hands?

Once, I read a story of a 12 year old kid, who did not celebrate her birth day that year to fund for some charity organisation.

She collected a little sum to donate, a very little in those little hands. She, with her parents started from their house to donate the amount through her hands.

Accident occurred. . . The kid died!

But her soul did not!

The world which knew her story, raised funds of some millions and till today, that charity organisation receives money on her name on her every birth day!

Not her, but her impeccable humanity did not die. It is still breathing!

I don’t ask you to do all those.

Kids Smiling

I don’t ask you to do something which is beyond your reach. No need to solve the crisis. No need to hold the wars, or no need to do something which is ‘Mission Impossible’. But just see your neighbour from your soul. Help the needy. Give the other human hope on humanity. Then, humanity lives!

If possible, give a bottle of water to the thirsty. Give a bread piece to the hungry. Give a hope to the desperate. Give some smile to the sobbing.

Walk with a smile, and sleep with trueness.

Make the world a better place.


Humanity Lives!


The First Post. . .

Loving to work. . . Actually, loving to work what I do love to work. . .

dry colour

Taking the New Year 2015 as the mark, we team had started our work on set, a dream project. . . Don’t Get Wasted.

Wake up boy’s and girl’s. . . C’mon ladies and gentlemen. . . Let us help you to get your dream true. Let us be that gentle wind which glides you towards the path, which leads you to your passion.  Let us give you the helping hand to ‘compose’ your own destiny.

If you ask me ‘why?’ I’d say. . . Be the maker, not the created one. Die as a free soul, rather than living as a caged bird. Be the God, just not the Lord.

If you hesitate, ‘Hmm’. . . Bear your fate, lead it towards the shore, or drown it till the floor. Witness your life, try not to regret it. Don’t follow the path, build it.

I can only say you one thing. . . Look at the aspiration. Breath the inspiration. Just like the lava flowing through your veins, run and run and run, not just until getting tired, but till you die chocking. Then your life is not wasted, though it is!

Stop believing in yourself. . . But rely. . .

But remember this lad. . .

Just. . .

Don’t Get Wasted!

Life is an never-completed project on dreamzzz. . . . Jump on, start conquering, take over, and ride it.