Joke of the month: I am nominated! Haha. . . Look inside for the true face of mine!

Thank You for your sweet ‘accident’ Artyy:  (Nimmi, she is actually, but I call her Artyy! Friend Ship!)


Now, I am copying and pasting the ‘Rules’ content from her blog. . . Easy peasy!


  1. Put the Liebster Award logo on your blog.
  2. Answer the questions given to you and then come up with 10 new questions for your
  3. Nominate 8 other blogs for the Award.
  4. No tag-backs.
  5. You must tell all the blogs that you have nominated them.

Questions I must answer: I think I must type on my own! The most worst answers you can ever read!

(I have an idea, I won’t answer any of them, will you declare that I am failed? It’s okay for me!)

1) What does your Blog mean to you?

Ans: One of my good time passes and sometimes a burden! I mean, I want to be before it all the time and when I can’t, I feel heavy inside! So I just used synonym of heavy! I didn’t know a single replaced word can change the whole meaning!

2) How do you start your day?

Ans) My dad revolve around me muttering ‘waste fellow, worst fellow, no use except eating. . . and so on! I know, it is one great inspiration!

3) Do you love travelling? If so, how often you do and what travelling teaches you?

Ans) I don’t like travelling much! I just travel on occasions or on works. . . I am answering you Artyy because you asked me, I don’t learn from travelling, I learn from people I meet in my travel!

4) What is your perspective about life?

Ans) Life? Especially for you darling Artyy, Life is ironic! Sometimes it shows you the colours of rainbow and the next moment, it locks us in the room of darkness. . . But darling, it gives you candle inside, you just have to lit it and take rest in that room!

5) According to you, what makes a person beautiful?

Ans) As your question is a bit obscure, make-up of course! Hahaa. . . .

Hey. . . . I am skipping to ninth question okay! Thank You! (Edited)

6) How had blogging impacted your life till now?

Ans) Yes, I know I had a great impact. . . But I couldn’t say how. I feel the change, a bit of sharpening in thoughts!

7) What is your favorite color?

Ans) Green ya! That is what makes our mother (Earth) beautiful!

8) What do you find inspiring about writing?

Ans) Hm. . . First thing to say. . . I have a lot of heart touching stories in my daily life. . .

When I keep my pen on paper or fingers on the key board, the deepest feelings of my heart and the minute things captured by my eye flows out,. . . And, at the end, I’ll touch your heart with the story which already had touched mine!

9) As a person you are?

Ans) Good, and. . . Average. . . . Hmm. . . Below average. . . No, the more I think, the ‘Worst’ I feel!

10) Best compliments you have received till date?

Ans) For this I answer genuinely,

“If my son is half the good as you, I feel like I am the best father,” One uncle said me, and of course. . . Tears rolled down my eyes!

But this is not crying time! This is one F****ng Nominated time!!

My 10 questions for nominees! Please don’t skip as I did. . .

1) The one person you hate most in life? Why?

2) The one place you want to see in life? With whom?

3) The one thing you want to achieve? How?

4) The one person you want to hug now? And say what?

5) The one person you want to be? What are you now?

6) One love you want till your last breath?

7) 1st best friend?

8) When did you clean your house on yourself last time?

9) One thing you want to hide from your parents?

10) Answer this genuinely: In whose hands do you want to die?

My Liebster Nominees are:



Peace Please!:






(If I spelt any names wrong! I’m sorry)

Thumbs Up!

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