She is gone, and he too knows it. His eyes said, “I need you”


“I’m leaving,” he said standing at the window of the bus, “forever.”

Turning her face off, “Yes, I know that,” She said. Her voice clearly heavy and we all know that it was the lump in her throat.

“Lalitha,” he called her. His eyes were red as blood shot, and were nearly at the edge, ready to drop off their burden.

“Satish,” she said, sipping her pain in. “Good bye.” She said, throwing him into the endless pit of pain.

He is leaving today, to U.S.A for his further studies, and he (we) knew Lalitha would be married at the time he returned. We endeavoured every single possibility to fetch her for him. But we couldn’t. She is from a backward class family and her fate was already written. Though I don’t believe in these, “Nobody can never ever change the written script on our forehead.” Still he tried. But she didn’t. She gave up. But he is still trying to balance the huge slab just on his two hands, but how long can he do that without the remaining two pillars?

No, not so long.

“Look mere yaar (my friend), now there will be a romantic tragedy track between them.” I said to Pessy, another friend of ours on whose shoulder I was leaning.

He smiled, just for my concern. “Stop it Vicky.” He said, shrinking his lips. “That is not funny.”

“Ooh, is it not?” I laughed out. “Why won’t you see straight into my eyes? Why won’t you reveal the pain you are hiding in your tears? Why won’t you say out my name with your love? Why won’t you leave the world, wrapping me up in your hug?” I sang out. (Yes, that really is one good stanza, thank you!)

“Vicky!” he said, gesturing to be silent.

“I can’t be without you.” He said. I feared if he would cry. I know if he starts crying now, no one can ever control him.

“I know,” she said, her voice getting heavy every second.

“I Love you Lalitha.”

“Ooh, here the Rambo goes Romeo, so romantic.” Do not think twice, it was me.

“Vicky, stop!”

“Okay, I will. But what is Mani doing? Is the kitty crying with cutie?” I laughed out again.

“Who knows? Be silent now, don’t mock them.”

“Ooh, fu. . .” I was about to complete, but Pessy slaps me every time when I use them. So, I must be careful. “No freedom at all.”


“Nothing” I mumbled.

“Lalitha, please, say me that you really want to be with me.”

“Satish,” she turned for the first time. “Please,” she placed her palm on his hand, “please.”

“What do you want me to do?”

“What can you do?”

I thought he will read the list of the things which are impossible but enough-to-impress a girl. But he didn’t, he lowered his head. Then, there was a long span of silence. A tear rolled down his eye, and reached the ground. Soil wetted and the tear sunk inside. Don’t know why, my heart was heavy then.

“I can do nothing.” He said. Biting his shoulder controlling the weep, he turned towards me, unknowingly. Our eyes met for a few seconds. I swear, I saw his mourning heart through his eyes.

“Pessy,” I whispered.

“What?” he asked, simply.

“He is crying yaar.”

“Ooh, are you caring?” he asked, stunning me.

I didn’t know what to say. “No, I’m not.” My voice stammered, due to the hesitation inside me. “But. . .”

Before I could say something, he gestured to be silent.

“Then, why do you fight?” she said, her face was pink and her cheeks were shivering, due to the cold inside. “This is a worthless fight. . .” before she could complete, the bus engine revved.

Satish’s eyes started bursting out, slowly.

“Pessy, the bus is leaving yaar.” I said, pain was increasing in my heart and I was not able to say “Ooh, fuck this love!”

“It goes anyway.”

“Stop it!” I shouted, not even knowing to me. “How can you say that so simply? He is our friend and he, he is crying just wanting to be with her, and she, she, and she is going to cry yaar. She is just controlling before him, just not to make him much weaker.”

Pessy did not speak out, but looked deep in my eyes. As the bus revved again, we got distracted towards them.

“Lalitha.” He said, his voice trembling terribly. “Be with me Lalitha.” He begged. “Please Lalitha, be with me. I can keep you happy in my smile, I can keep you safe in my heart, I can keep you. . .”

Before he can complete his heart’s words out, she closed the window. I know, she was sobbing inside.

He did not move, “please,” he mumbled.

“Pessy,” I said, looking towards Mani, who was a bit far from us, looking at them. His eyes were wet, his nerves were pounding, but he too knew, we can’t do anything.

“Let him be at least when you are not.” He said.

“Am I not?”

The bust jerked. Satish lifted his head, with tearing eyes. Bus started moving slowly. For the first two seconds, he did not do anything; he was moving his head in confusion and fear of missing her. Then, he started knocking the window. “Lalitha, please”

She did not open the door.

“Lalitha, please Lalitha, please, Lalitha.” The bus started moving much faster.

Then, we heard the breaking cry from the other side of the window. It’s Lalitha, I’m sure.

“Lalitha, open at least, give me a chance of seeing into your eyes for the last time. Please.” He ran along the bus as long as possible, knocking the window, but she did not open. My eyes were crying. . .

She did not open.

My eyes were tearing; I wiped them immediately, without anyone’s notice, and stood recklessly as I did never bother.

With weak walk, he reached us. Mani’s eyes were wet as were Pessy’s eyes.

Satish walked straight to me, and stood before me with crying eyes.

I didn’t know what to do. “I’ll leave then.” The most stupid thing I’ve done in my entire life. (No, I’ve done much worse.)

He just looked straight into my eyes, and his eyes spoke to mine. “I need you.”


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    • Don't Get Wasted says:

      Yes……… I too felt the same yaa!! My dad was sitting behind me and was mocking. . . Not even lookng at the monitor, I completed typing and published! I felt really sad after that. . . I may make a few improvements. Anywayzzz, thanks mere yaar!

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