Dream Reader: Pirate, Detective, Spy, Soldier, Immortal, and My Audience.

This really is Mission Impossible to ask about ‘Dream Reader.’

Dream reader? I don’t know actually. May be I need a pirate who comments me ‘Aye,’ but do not bother what ever is written in the post. I want a detective who just spectated my post to draw conclusions about my mind, but not to grasp the feel I’ve compacted in the post. I need a spy who spies my work, but remains silent just with a ‘Like.’ I need a soldier who can really feel my inner heart though I laugh outside. And I may also need an Immortal, who goes on reading my stories right after my death to keep them alive forever.

No! I don’t want any of them.

When I stand on the polished wooden stage, the shining steel mike right in front of my lips, ready to take in the voice which I leave out. I want to see the drunken audience who waves their body with respect to the rhythm I play. I want to see them forgetting their pain, and I love to contribute my voice helping them.

In the same way, I want my reader just to smile a bit when he completes reading my post!

Mission Accomplished!!


24 thoughts on “Dream Reader: Pirate, Detective, Spy, Soldier, Immortal, and My Audience.

  1. Hargun Wahi says:

    Any reader who reads this wouldn’t just smile but gasp at the brilliantness of the work!
    n what i specifically noticed that how many varied thoughts crossed ur mind while jotting this down..u shared some of ur desires n thoughts and in the end the linked it to music.

    Liked by 1 person

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