The First Post. . .

Loving to work. . . Actually, loving to work what I do love to work. . .

dry colour

Taking the New Year 2015 as the mark, we team had started our work on set, a dream project. . . Don’t Get Wasted.

Wake up boy’s and girl’s. . . C’mon ladies and gentlemen. . . Let us help you to get your dream true. Let us be that gentle wind which glides you towards the path, which leads you to your passion.  Let us give you the helping hand to ‘compose’ your own destiny.

If you ask me ‘why?’ I’d say. . . Be the maker, not the created one. Die as a free soul, rather than living as a caged bird. Be the God, just not the Lord.

If you hesitate, ‘Hmm’. . . Bear your fate, lead it towards the shore, or drown it till the floor. Witness your life, try not to regret it. Don’t follow the path, build it.

I can only say you one thing. . . Look at the aspiration. Breath the inspiration. Just like the lava flowing through your veins, run and run and run, not just until getting tired, but till you die chocking. Then your life is not wasted, though it is!

Stop believing in yourself. . . But rely. . .

But remember this lad. . .

Just. . .

Don’t Get Wasted!

Life is an never-completed project on dreamzzz. . . . Jump on, start conquering, take over, and ride it.


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